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Our Process

Working with a financial advisor can seem overwhelming if you’re unsure of the process. We make it easy and comfortable for you from the start by providing an overview of what you can expect during the financial planning process when working with our team. And remember—there’s no cost or obligation for your first consultation with your Financial Advisor, so contact us  to see how we can help you pursue your financial goals. 

Meet & Define the Professional Relationship

Your Financial Advisor will explain the products and services available to you. Together, we will define our responsibilities to the planning process and ongoing relationship. This will clearly outline our compensation structure, so you can feel comfortable knowing there are no unexpected expenses. Also to ensure your needs are being met, we will determine how decisions are made and how long our professional relationship will last.

Gather Information about your Finances & Set Goals

Your Financial Advisor will ask you to provide information about your financial condition and to define your personal and financial goals. Understanding your expected timeframe for results as well as personal risk tolerance will play a major role in setting your goals. Only after fully evaluating your options will your advisor present you with a recommended plan.

Analyze & Create a Strategy

Your Financial Advisor will analyze your financials and life stage to determine what steps can be taken to meet your goals. The plan may include a comprehensive analysis of your assets, insurance coverage, investment opportunities and tax strategies.

Develop & Present Recommendations

Your Financial Advisor will provide both the financial planning recommendations that address your goals and the necessary guidance to help you make informed decisions about your options. During this time, appropriate adjustments to the overall plan can be made to cater to your needs.

Implement the Recommendations

After the financial plan has been finalized, your Financial Advisor will implement the recommendations and can assist you by coordinating with professionals such as accountants and attorneys. Should you need a referral, we are happy to introduce you to our trusted team of experienced professionals. Of course if you already have established relationships, we would be delighted to work with your existing partners.

Monitor Progress

Your Financial Advisor and you will determine who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of your financial plan. If your Financial Advisor is appointed to oversee the progress, they will regularly review your plan performance and make any necessary adjustments to keep your goals on track.